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Optimise Marketing Initiatives, Secure Industry Position

The honeymoon is over for the marketing, advertising and communication industries...

With new, uncertain and tougher market conditions everybody is fighting for better, stronger positions. And you can’t run for cover

The survival game is very much about perception: Rise above the rest, more sharply than your peers – and be seen as part of the future of wind – not the past…


Traditional thinking leaves room for improvement in return on marketing investment (ROMI). Often I can find new synergies to improve your value-for-money ratio – at the same time positioning your company for new realities of wind energy:

How heavily do you need to invest in brand building, when advertising these days is direct marketing at best – and in reality a very focused conversation discipline?


You can decide to focus on specific target groups, geographic areas, products or platforms – exhibitions, events and mass marketing – and identify opportunities to improve the ROMI.

Internally, you can also focus on your marketing organisation: Does it function with professionalism of high-end international corporate marketing function – yet perform with the dynamics and accountability of an international high-end ad agency?