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Impact Key Opinion Leaders, Improve Your Market Access

Many products and businesses lives and breathe by the dynamics of political and public framework.

However, most market drivers are often determine by only a very few institutions and key opinion leaders (KOL)

At the same time 'market access'-issues are too often influenced by mostly “the usual suspects”

Thus new voices will be both easily heard and potentially embraced…


One thing is to get your house in order – i.e. analyse and identify your company’s positioning on a range of key issues and trends. Another essential exercise is to map the competition positioning and avenues of interacting with KOL

History has taught companies and generals alike, that with proper homework, most wars can be won before the battle begins…


Key opinion leaders naturally take pride in independency. But they constantly seek new information to ensure an up-to-date perspective on issues. Critical success factor (CSF) is to understand and elevate the most impactful touch points -- and here timing and tools can make a world of difference for the future of sales:

Do you offered views directly – online and offline?

Do you use more in-directly communication line?

Or do you get proof-points across through 3rd degree platforms?